Daylight Savings Sucks!

**SHOP ELEVASO TEQUILA** Don't get me wrong, I'm all for it staying light out later. It's depressing when it gets dark out at 4:30pm. But waking up Monday morning right after pushing the clocks forward is tough. To add insult to injury, last night my daughter asked to be dropped off at school early! Now, my wife is probably going to read this and reveal to all of you that she was the one that woke up early to drive my daughter to school, and that I woke up when I felt like it. She'd be half correct - sure I make my own hours, but I work 24x7 - I'm sure she'd agree that she has no interest in trading places with me! Enough with the negatives, let's focus on a some positives: 1. Arizona is now on the same time zone as California so it becomes much less confusing speaking to everyone there! 2. The sunset is later, so more of us can enjoy it after work. (this is more of a West Coast advantage but I guess you East Coasters can see the sunrise later -

We Blindfolded Ross To Test His Tequila Skills

**SHOP ELEVASO** If you were wondering what type of shenanigans happen when you work at a tequila company, you're in for a treat today! I've mentioned this before, but we have over 100 premium tequilas in our office.  We use these tequilas to taste and compare with Elevaso to ensure we are creating a high quality tequila. I like to call it "research and development" LOL. Naturally, these types of "office tastings" have lead to competitive behavior: Who can pick out the Elevaso? And TRUST ME, you don't want to be the person who DOESN'T pick Elevaso. Last Friday we were eating lunch at RED O in Newport Beach. I thought it would be fun to catch Ross off guard with a blindfold and see if he could pick Elevaso Extra Anejo over Don Julio 1942. Watch the video below: -  🤙🏽 🤙🏽 Vince Raise Your Glass / Live TEQurious! Elevaso Tequila - Nacido en Mexico / Raised In SoCal

**NEWS FLASH** All Tequila Is Gluten Free?

**SHOP ELEVASO** I'm here to break down one of the major myths of the tequila industry: GLUTEN FREE . Before I dive into this, I should note I am in no way a health guru, doctor or anything close to a medical expert. I do social media and marketing for Elevaso (which in my opinion is just as hard as being a doctor 😆 ). Consider this blog more insight than advice. Here's what I do know: I've been to Mexico multiple times. I've seen the entire tequila making process first hand. I've visited numerous distilleries all across Jalisco, Mexico. **NEWS FLASH** All Tequila is Gluten Free ... As long as it's made traditionally. Let me explain. Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and a Don Julio Blanco advertisement popped up. It was a picture of a bottle then in white bold letters across the top it read "Gluten Free". At the Elevaso office we are all highly anticipating The Rock's new tequila "Teremana" (The TEQuriousness is real

4 Reasons You'll Never Find Elevaso At Your Local Liquor Store

* *SHOP ELEVASO** More than likely you've seen Elevaso Tequila online... Whether that's Facebook, Instagram or Google. Many of you have gone to your local liquor store, maybe even asked someone who worked there if they carried Elevaso, and you were sadly let down :( This isn't because your local liquor store doesn't want to carry us... Below are 4 reasons why you won't be finding Elevaso at your local liquor store any time soon: 1. Big Distribution = HUGE Markup Being in the alcohol industry means we need to full comply with U.S. laws including those from PROHIBITION in the 1920s. This means we are forced by law to use distribution companies which often charge a premium markup... Sometimes up to 30%! The benefit from a brand perspective is most of the time these big distribution companies can get your product on shelves across the country... The downside for the consumer? Most of the time that 30% markup is passed through to you. Losing a 30% margin on a pr

When The Wife Asks For Tequila You Better Deliver!

**SHOP ELEVASO TEQUILA** So, it's Saturday night and we are getting ready to go out. Then out of nowhere, my wife asks me to pour her some Elevaso Blanco - that's a sign that she's up for a fun evening. This is not a unique occurrence in my house, but in order to fully appreciate it, you need some background. I've mentioned before that my wife and I met in college. While at college she only drank Pineapple Malibu or any blue colored drink - doesn't get more college girl than that! After college she became more calorie conscious and virtually cut out drinking all together (translation - no fun for Ross!). As we got older (and I could afford it) we took our first of many trips to Napa. That's where she discovered wine and the party was back on. But that got old fast for her. She decided she only liked wine when drinking it in Napa. Short of moving to Napa, this became an expensive proposition! Then I started Elevaso, pursuing my passion for tequila. When

99 Bottles Of Tequila On The Wall, 99 Bottles Of Tequila!

**SHOP ELEVASO** Imagine walking into your office every day and seeing a collection of over 100 high end tequilas staring at you waiting for you taste them all...  That's literally my life.  My name is Vince and I like to consider myself Ross Elgart's (Elevaso's CEO) right hand man - and no, it's not because he lets me drink all of his tequila 🤗 Here is a picture of our office collection (aka Ross' home bar): I don't consider Ross a collector of tequila... because he drinks them all with me! It's almost turned into an office ritual when 4pm comes rolling around. I pull out the tasting flutes then we pick which tequilas we want to taste. Sometimes we pick tequilas just to see what they taste like... Other times we do blind taste tests side-by-side to make things a little more interesting. Here is a screen shot from my phone when we were tasting Fuenteseca: So the real question here is... How did I convince Ross to move his ent

The Phoenix Open Hoarders

**SHOP ELEVASO TEQUILA** My wife and I spent the last few days at the Waste Management / Phoenix Open. To say it was a fun time would be an understatement. Sitting in a box on 16 lives up to all of the hype! What made it even more fun was sneaking Elevaso up to the box. Now I’m not slamming on Jimador Tequila - the only tequila they serve at the open. But, for my wife it’s  Elevaso Blanco  or nothing and I wasn’t sitting through 5 hours of golf at the biggest party in sports with a sober wife! My wife was enjoying her  Elevaso Blanco  on the rocks (no mixers for her when she drinks Elevaso) and her friend Robin was enjoying her Vaso Soda ( Elevaso Blanco , club soda, and 1 lime instead of the usual 3 she needs to drink a vodka soda). Not to go on a tangent here, but despite all the great reviews of our tequila, anyone who knows my wife or Robin can vouche that  Elevaso Blanco  has to be crazy smooth for that last sentence to be true! This is the part of the story where